Make the needed nice

Needed by all, loved by none. The only time we ever want to interact with our internet routers is when there is a problem. At all other times we want to keep these alien boxes out of our sight. But hiding a router behind a door or underneath furniture greatly compromises its functionality. The more open a placement, the better signal you will get.

TP-LINK wanted to improve people’s wifi experience by inspiring them to keep their routers out of the dark and contacted us for help in doing so. Our answer was to transform the routers from indifferent boxes to interesting and playful objects that earn a right to be part of their surroundings.
On behalf of TP-LINK, Valeur Designers are creating a series of routers across performance and price range that bring a new level of design and build quality to the category.

With the products being visible and freestanding, our focus has been to remove all the standard issues that annoy. Neat cable management solutions and 360-degree designs are part of this solution. Each router has its own recognisable character and design but always for an obvious reason.

The reception of TP-LINK’s new routers, from resellers as well as consumers, has been overwhelming and overly positive:

“TP-LINK has benefited greatly from our cooperation with Valeur Designers, which has opened the door to high-quality and elegant aesthetics for our company. Torsten Valeur is a very hands-on designer with a strong sense for materials, technology and uniqueness. He was greatly appreciated by all of our colleagues for his personality and his ability to combine uncompromising ideas with viable technical solutions.”

Valeur Designers