Handheld devices and tools

Beautiful tools

From remotes of all kinds to land line phones and mobile phones, Valeur Designers have produced a long list of designs for your hand. Common for all handheld tools is that they need to work flawlessly and with perfect ergonomics. A key element to achieve this is to understand the physics of your hand and lower arm muscles. To be able to sense which shapes and weight balance that fit well in your hand. This is where our focus on sketching in full-scale models really comes to work.

But it does not stop at that. Handheld products must also look good when not in use. They should be desirable objects in themselves when standing on a table or hanging on the wall. Instantly you should understand the purpose of the object and how it is used.

Our hands are very sensible. When holding an object in our hand we immediately feel its level of quality. We focus on the quality feel and the craftsmanship put into each object to bring out the right feel. This is how objects become desirable.

Valeur Designers