TL-XDR5450 K66


This is Superblox. Just like the Blox mesh router, this router comes in numbers meant to be distributed in ones home for optimum Wi-Fi performance. We kept the character of the Blox router and ‘turned up the volume’ for this more powerful router.

It is a 5G mesh router that fits in a home interior because of its small size and almost art piece or glassware qualities. The surface treatment with the very fine gradient matt/gloss lines across the housing adds quality and texture to the material and hides its actual volume.

The top and bottom of the box are curved to visually lighten up the router and indicate its’ versatile and mobile nature.

The circular ventilation outlet on top of the housing indicates the Wi-Fi network radiating from the core.

The router has a sharp and precise appearance achieved by cleverly hiding drafting angles in the design.

Glossy and matte lines add quality to the surface

Superblox comes in set, the shape must be repeatable

Bringing the feel of quality to a plastic box

Superblox, full of power

The pattern emphasizes the overall shape by strengthen the curves

Valeur Designers