TP Link TL WDR 5670


Product design is not merely about aesthetics and functionality. Very often, our most important job as designers is to come up with innovative solutions that optimize production and maximize product value on a limited material spend.

The Moon router for TP Link is a good example of how we managed to create a product of higher value and quality than competing products despite using the same basic recipe.

Usually, a conventional router made from two plastic shells would entails a stacked solution with a separate bottom and top part. This isn’t the case with Moon, where we shaped the top and stand from a single folded sheet. Resting on its meticulously folded edges, the moon-shaped body appears to be hovering above the surface. The curved material has no visible split lines; all features that help create a product with a perceived quality that far exceeds its costs.

The appearance is sculptural but also completely honest. This is obviously a router made for communication, but one you wouldn’t mind inviting into your home or office. The angled house not only looks good but also improves airflows to cool the hardware. Connectors are located on the backside where wires are neatly hidden behind the house.

Valeur Designers