With this router we wanted to create a visually light and dynamic appearance. The more powerful the router, the bulkier the volume and number of antennas. This raises a challenge since the router also should be easily placed in the home interior as a presentable device.

The Boat router has a curvy, boat hull shape that elegantly integrates the antennas forming a coherent design. The curved bottom lets the router ‘float’ lightly on the tabletop appearing light and nimble.

The fine lamella for ventilation covers all top and bottom, doubling as a pattern or textured surface and adding to the perceived quality to this budget friendly router.

The extended depth of the router on each side of the cabinet is to assure the flexibility for diverse technical configurations of the router featuring either 6 or 8 antennas.

Another clever part of this design is that the antennas can be folded down neatly over the top surface which brings great benefits for compact packaging.

The line pattern on the top contains plenty of ventilation holes

The slimmer sides of the house make it all hover above the surface

The wider sides of the house makes room for different antenna configurations

Antennas can be folded down neatly for a compact packaging

Antennas appears as an extension of the house

Valeur Designers