TP Link TL XDR5480


Power and sturdiness in one elegant, high quality perceived router that is designed to be seen in the home. Churros portrays spreading of WIFI signal through its black ribbed stream that flows out from the central power-core made out of solid aluminum.

This way the ventilation is hidden and masked as a stream that visually extends to the antennas. The width of the body on both ends is to assure a possibility for diverse technical configurations of the router featuring either 6 or 8 antennas.

Another clever part of this design is that antennas can fold neatly over the top ribbed surface which brings great benefits for a sustainable and compact packaging.

The central powerhouse in solid aluminum

Details on antennas

Space for 6 or 8 antennas with optimal distance between each antenna

Ventilation hidden between the lines

Antennas arraying out from the powerhouse

Antenna hinges are hidden

Valeur Designers