Audio and media units

Audio and multimedia

Audio is a category that has changed tremendously over the years. From very physical elements like tapes, records and discs, to multimedia files that are neither bound by place or time nor necessarily centred on just music. Valeur Designers have been part of it all.

From portable user interface to instant access to entertainment, user interaction is a large part of the design. We want to give the user convenience and pleasure, as well as adding a bit of magic. Moreover, we aim at giving all audio objects a strong sculptural quality, making them desirable objects that integrate well into your home surroundings.

In later years, many of our works have been concepts exploring the role of audio without physical media. They include the interaction between audio/multimedia and the ecosystems of digital platforms like Android, iOS and streaming services. Software and the magic we can add with this plays a big part, but those who thinks the days of mechanical magic is over: Think again.

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