TL XDR3001


A vertical router with external antennas is a very effective configuration; It takes up minimal space, cooling of the hardware is excellent, and the external antennas provide great signal strength.

However, external antennas can often result in a visually busy and technological appearance that might not suite everyone’s home interior. With this router we aimed at a more domestic, less ‘tech-heavy’ appearance – almost like an art-piece for the bookshelf.

More of a frame than a box with antennas, the cabinet and the four antennas are integrated into one object with cut-outs like a window on a façade. Facets run all the way from top to bottom, further strengthening the integration and at the same time hiding the volume of the cabinet base. This router is not another box, it is an open window.

Open windows

Four external antennas in an art-piece

ventilation and connector ports integrated in the shape

facets run all the way top to bottom gives an unified shape

The different hardware thickness only visible from the side

All details follows the main identity

Valeur Designers