TL-WDR 7650


Mesh Wi-Fi is a system of two or more router-like devices that work together in order to cover your house with Wi-Fi. Placing the blocks where they cover most and they will connect themselves and provide a full covering. A flexible solution to individual needs.

It is a system of blocks. Receiving them stacked in a package, separating them and placing them where you like. Much like LEGO blocks, our source of inspiration.

We use the empty space between the four internal antennas to make a round concave recess. Why? It minimizes the size when stored as the stacking height is reduced. It even gives a unique character to the blocks and visually connects them to each other. With the subtle pattern of grading lines that transit symmetrically from matte to glossy we shape the appearance to an tableware alike quality. A sculptural quality rooted in functionality.

Blox received the 2022 Reddot Design Award.

The fine pattern of grading lines

The set of blocks

Blox comes in different colors

A cute little block you can place anywhere

The play of lines in colors

Stacked when packed

Valeur Designers