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Car Audio. The speed of sound.

Valeur Designers have designed Bang & Olufsen sound systems for Aston Martin, Audi, Mercedes AMG, BMW and Porsche. Each sound system is designed specifically to each car model. The sound systems are built in as a factory option.

The task of designing dedicated sound systems for the car industry is all about understanding the particular brand identity of a given car manufacturer and the design intention of that particular model. The sound system has to integrate naturally into each car while also maintaining the Bang & Olufsen identity. All elements in a car interior have to fit in and respect their surroundings. Our components also hold an individual beauty. That is extraordinary.

This is a collaboration between three groups of professionals each with different backgrounds; the car manufacturer, Bang & Olufsen and Valeur Designers. We, as designers, need to understand construction and manufacturing, technical possibilities and limitations, acoustical rules and finally, the visual directions the car manufactures are aiming at. We have to make sure that the core idea of a specific sound system is carried through all the way to the finished product.

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