TP-Link TL-XDR6060


Gamer aesthetics are often characterized by visual interpretations of power and performance. So, when we were asked to design a router for serious gamers, our aspiration was to capture these cultural references while staying to true to our own distinct design values and traditions.


It’s evident from the very first glance: The Turbine router from TP Link is a powerful piece of hardware. The turbine-like center and protruding antenna hooks give the router an appearance that could have been taken straight from the virtual world or a sci-fi movie. But because every design feature is rooted in functionality, its integrity fully remains.


8 antennas are anchored in each corner of the house allowing for optimal connectivity. The spinning hole pattern is optimized for the extra level of ventilation needed for the high-performing product. Main cables connect to the back while additional cabling and equipment connect at the sides, which have facets for added strength. Essential buttons are all within easy reach on the front.

Optimal airflow and aluminum details

Antennas anchored at each corner

Key buttons at the front

Pure performance look

Main cable connector ports

Valeur Designers