TL 7DR6560


Herald is a vertical router with four external antennas. This composition with its vertically positioned pcb occupies only little place while delivering a powerful performance thanks to the effective cooling of the pcb and the long adjustable antennas. We wanted to support this customer benefit of easy placement by the shape we made.

The two gently curved cut-outs at the base highlights the routers light-footed appearance. It looks like that it stands on only a single point, balancing like a ballerina. The gently curved front and side surfaces make it appear thinner and all connector ports and ventilations are hidden at the back. With the angled top and the surfaces of the body continuing smoothly to the antennas, we minimized the appearance of the antenna hinges. All for a calmer and more welcoming look.

Antenna and body surfaces are smoothly connected

A clarified front with character

A slim build that takes up only little space

Hinges appears very discrete in this design

The light indicator highlights the light-footed look

Standing light on a single point only

Ventilation and connectors are discrete on the backside

Valeur Designers