Making a router for ceiling installations is tricky, because it ‘breaks’ the visual continuity of the ceiling and therefore is required to fully merge and feel natural in its location. Furthermore, in public spaces the router also needs to appear strong and durable.

With Eclipse we wanted to create a router that would integrate just as a lamp or ventilation unit in the room and look right at home. As if the router was a natural part of the architectural installations in the building.

The router has a slender profile and seems quite flush with the ceiling, users will not feel that the unit is hanging too low.

The Eclipse features high quality materials such as the outer rim of injection molded aluminum that acts as cooling for the router. The delicate pattern along the circumference adds detail to the router for an airier and more attractive look while the small holes create an air flow, keeping the device effectively cooled.

The outer rim of aluminum and the ventilation holes acts as cooling for the router

The grooves on the house merge with the ventilation holes of the aluminum rim

The router merge and feel natural on the ceiling withs its slender profile and nondirectional design

The delicate pattern adds gentle poetic twist to the rational product

The edge of the aluminum rim provides real and perceived solid quality

Valeur Designers