TP-Link TL-XTR7880


Power and sturdiness in one elegant, high-quality router that is designed to be on display in the home interior. Gills portrays the radiating WIFI signals via its black ribbed stream that flows out from its central power-core made of solid aluminum.

This way the ventilation is hidden and masked as a stream that visually extends and connects to the antennas. Furthermore, this significant combination of aluminum and black ribs visually reduces the actual size of the router cabinet for a more elegant and slender appearance.

The extended depth of the router on each side of the cabinet is to assure the flexibility for diverse technical configurations of the router featuring either 6 or 8 antennas.

Another clever part of this design is that the antennas can be folded down neatly over the top ribbed surface which brings great benefits for sustainable and compact packaging.

Direct access to the join button on the front

The combination of aluminum and black ribs makes the house slender and elegant

Ventilation pattern connects to the antennasThe combination of aluminum and black ribs

A house of solid aluminum

Antenna hinges are discrete while still being able to fold down

The black ribbed stream flows from the core of aluminum

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