Beautiful sound

Valeur Designers are the creators behind a long list of iconic speakers. They have set the pace and inspired entire speaker categories. Some speakers have been in the market for more than 20 years and produce ever-growing sales figures.

Speakers are like musical instruments that you put into your homes. They can be expressive and highly visible or almost invisible. Speakers must be very flexible and be able to fit in everywhere. They should not force you to change your decor. Technology should obey you, not the opposite. Speakers should, as all objects and furniture for your interior, melt easily into your decor in an unobtrusive way. At the same time it should still have a unique identity and personal beauty in itself. It shouldn’t be indifferent.

High quality sound is essential. With massive volume, large drivers and high transparency in front of the drivers it is easy to make good sound. Great sound from non-dominating speakers however, is difficult to achieve, but magical when it happens. We work closely with the engineers and acoustic specialists to reach the goal of magical sound in a beautiful physical form. Our goal is to create iconic speakers with enduring appeal. Magic that will last for years.

Valeur Designers