Beolab 5

An acoustic masterpiece

BeoLab 5 is an acoustic masterpiece. It is the grand piano of speakers. Bang & Olufsen had invented technologies like the Acoustic Lens that ensures the sound is correct no matter where in the room you are listening to the music.

The company was also behind the automatic bass calibration that made the bass sound perfect in all types of rooms as well as the ICEpower amplifiers that made it possible to add much more power than what was previously possible. The wish was then to sum all these inventions into one advanced speaker.

The Acoustic Lens Technology does not look like any traditional speaker, and that turned other manufactures away from using this technology. Bang & Olufsen and David Lewis Designers however, were drawn by this, seeing an opportunity for some really interesting new thinking.

BeoLab 5 is a very visual description of the Acoustic Lens Technology. All surfaces have an acoustic purpose. It looks more like a musical instrument than a speaker. The appearance is different and highly recognizable, yet completely logic.

Piano black aluminum surface.

The aim was to sum all the acoustic inventions and knowhow into one advanced speaker.

A set of BeoLab 5 with white fabric.

Pure Piano Black edition.

Valeur Designers