Beolab 18

An icon is reborn

BeoLab 18 is the new interpretation of Bang & Olufsen’s most iconic speaker the BeoLab 8000. BeoLab 8000 was created by David Lewis and completely revolutionized the perception of how a speaker could look. It has sold in more than 500,000 units and has become the most copied speaker in the world. Now, 20 years later, David Lewis Designers were asked to revitalize BeoLab 8000.

BeoLab 18 is not as much about copying the design of BeoLab 8000 but rather about taking the original ideas behind BeoLab 8000 and reinterpret them in a new design that belongs to today. Additionally, it takes advantage of the opportunities that new technology has given, like the acoustic lens, digital signal processing and wireless connectivity.

Essentially, BeoLab 18 is still an aluminum tube from which the sound comes out. The tube looks even slimmer with the subtle curvature that runs unbroken from the conical bottom to the top. The shape reminds you of music instruments like brass loops. The conical bottom is like a mouthpiece and the top with the acoustic lens curvature, is subtly reminiscent of the bell of a brass instrument. With the lens on top, we wanted to express crystal clear sound, and expose the high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

All elements are made of aluminum and joined so delicately together so they look like an integrated part of the aluminum tube. The top of the lens has a curvature that mimics the lens geometry. A very slim ring of light is adding to the precision.

With the new front we wanted to create a poetic expression of sounds coming out from the tube. The lamellas look like they are fanning out the sound. Just like when you draw sunshine from a sun. We wanted to change the material from fabric to something more musical and furniture-like, hence the use of wood and the black solid composite. The softening wooden element perfectly balances the precision and sheen of the aluminum. An icon is reborn.

The acoustic lens is beautifully shaped out of pure aluminum and is illuminated by a subtle green streak of light when BeoLab 18 is turned on. Carefully processed and acoustically thought through.

The lamellae are available in oak, maple and walnut as well as white and black composite. Five different personalities.

Sensitive poetic expression of craftmanship and sound

Beolab 18 mounted on the wall.

The unbroken curved aluminum tube, gives the illusion of a slim ballerina standing on her toe tip.

A poetic expression of sound coming out from the tube.

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