Beosound 1 and 2

I am rather obsessed with the idea of transforming technology into something transparent almost invisible yet very intelligent.

BeoSound 1 and BeoSound 2 are two individual members of a new family of wireless multi-room speakers for the home. Each speaker delivers a rich and surprisingly powerful 360-degree sound experience that is seamlessly expanded by adding extra speakers to the wireless network.

The omni-directional sound technology sends music to every corner of a room from any position. This makes BeoSound a truly impressive stand-alone speaker that is also built to play beautifully with others. As the number of BeoSound speakers grow, so does the entire experience. You will probably start with one but quickly fall in love with the concept of adding more to fit your entire living space.

Portability is a key aspect of the BeoSound family. Yet we believe that portability is merely a function, which should not be reflected in a ‘mobile’ appearance. So we aspired to give the speakers a domesticated look that makes ‘any place’ the ‘perfect place’ for them. We achieved this through a non-intrusive design that even emphasises the surrounding décor in the reflective aluminium surface: Simple without being anonymous. A discreet kind of elegance that you want to introduce into every room of your home.

At first glance BeoSound does not look much like a speaker. But once turned on, the bell shape is so obviously musical and that impression will stay with you. Controls are almost childishly intuitive. Tap the top ring to start the music. Swipe it to change track or station. Grab and turn it to adjust the volume up or down – and everything works from any direction. Want to move the speaker? It will take you mere seconds to find out that two fingers are all it takes to lift it, and they fit perfectly underneath the control ring.

The characteristic cone shape is extruded from one piece of aluminium with the possibility of applying different surface treatments. Without any seams or lines, the BeoSound is durable and perfect for flexible living. The conic shape makes it adaptable to its surroundings and stands naturally among other objects on a shelf, where you would easily pass it without noticing it is a speaker. Finally, conic objects look great in groups – perfect for an entire collection of BeoSound speakers in different colours.

Beosound 2 contrast edition special brushed surface

The reflector with status LED at the center

Precise crafted details

Beosound 1 New York edition

The center diode gives you a subtle feedback when you swipe the surface.

Beosound 1 bronce

Controls are almost childishly intuitive.

Beosound 2 bronce

Beosound 1 and 2 share the same 360-degree sound experience.

Beosound 1 Contrast edition

Beosound 1 black

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