Beolab Celestial

Adding a pretty face to in-ceiling speakers

The Celestial in-ceiling speakers combine great sound performance with flexibility and simple installation. The speaker range is designed with solutions that can give you discrete background music listening, high performance listening and an involving home theater experience.

In-ceiling speakers are almost invisible except the front. Since it is there why not give it a shape that matches even the most progressive interiors. A pretty face that shows the essence of Celestial. Show it is a quality speaker, powerful yet discrete. Revealing the right identity by the shape, telling that it is a quality speaker but not a ventilation hole.

Like a plate of sound, this piece of aluminum has a straight sharp solid edge. A pattern of milled out lines blending omni-directionality with the straight line fitting the logo. Combined with the two-toned anodizing it makes a precise look of honest craftmanship. The curved surface adds poetic friendliness that works well with the precision. It is a sculptural piece. A plate of sound on your ceiling. Pure music without any cluster.

The milled out lines transition from depth to flat at the ends

The plate of sound

Omnidirectional lines that meet the straight line of the logo

A subtle curved front

A very precise solid edge

Valeur Designers