Beolab 17

A speaker that truly is a transformation artist

This is a speaker that will fit in everywhere and change its appearance completely to each user’s needs and wishes. The basic shape of the speaker and its ingenious, flexible stand program offers very extensive placement options.

The width and the height make it possible to place the speaker both horizontally and vertically in a standard bookshelf. The triangular profile of the body enables the user to place it completely inside a wall corner or near the ceiling. Or it can be placed on the wall and angled in any direction.

The true magic lies in how the same speaker can appear very differently depending on how you place it. When it is placed vertically on the floor, it looks like the speaker monitors form concert stages inviting you to play your own air guitars. Standing horizontally they look like formal speakers but stand surprisingly flat. On the stands leaning slightly back they look rather informal yet classic. Hanging on the wall the BeoLab 17 becomes the archetype of a speaker.

The cabinet is made of one piece of aluminum with the edge shaped as a single unbroken line BeoLab 17 has no dedicated top, bottom or sides. All sides are shaped to look right in every position.

For the first time ever, the speaker grill is positioned behind the aluminum body. This provides much greater variations of materials, structure and patterns, while giving the user a higher degree of freedom to fit it visually into any environment.

Beolab 17 is shaped to look right in all positions by the use of an infinite line between aluminium and body.

The speaker front can be changed to different colour and pattern to make it fit into your interior. The Frozen ice grill pattern seen here is the carrier structure normally used to support fabrics, this time put in front to create the playful surface.

Beolab 17 can be mounted on the wall in different angles. This gives you more placement options.

The elegant connection of the floor stand to Beolab 17 makes all wiring completely hidden.

Valeur Designers