Audi A8

Audi B&O Advanced Sound System

The Audi A8 (D4 2009- ) was fitted with the second generation of the Audi B&O Advanced Sound System.

The main design goal was to further develop and evolve the visual identity for the B&O system that was successfully established in the previous A8 (D3) model. This second generation offered an integrated design, adapting a more ‘automotive’ visual identity than the previous system.

B&O had already shown the automotive world just how much could be achieved with a car audio system that really stood out in the car interior. This time around it didn’t visually need to be quite as ‘loud’. However, the Bang & Olufsen DNA was still very much intact in the new and more dynamic design language. Sound quality and material quality is still state of the art.

The Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT) was refined to a more elegant and sculptured look, still giving the passengers an extraordinary sound stage combined with the magic of the Acoustic Lens rising from the instrument panel, as the sound system was turned on.

The B&O grills are beautifully detailed aluminum pieces with a very 3-dimensional look almost as if made out of a solid block. The very fine and controlled hole pattern visualizes the high sound quality and together with the mechanically polished grill surface, it results in a very solid and genuine look. The hole pattern elegantly leaves room for the laser etched logo for a more complete and thorough look.

The high quality of the aluminum grills are the result of a series of different manufacturing techniques including 3D stamping, two tone anodizing, mechanical polishing and high speed drilling. The level of detail and precision in these aluminum grills is a benchmark for sound systems in the automotive industry.

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