Audi A4 and A5

B&O Premium Sound System

The Audi A4/A5 (B8 2007- ) models were introduced with a Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System, setting new standards for sound quality in the B-car segment.

The visual identity first introduced with the A8 (D3) B&O Advanced Sound System was further developed and downscaled for the B&O Premium level. The main design goal was to maintain the high quality feel obtained by the aluminum parts and the controlled hole pattern in the B&O Advanced system.

This was achieved by integrating a lathed aluminum ring in a polymer grill. The aluminum ring with its camera-like high grade detailing mimics the solid aluminum grills from the more expensive Advanced system. Furthermore, a new dynamic hole pattern was developed for the grills that blends nicely with both the aluminum rings and the grill silhouettes, giving the grills a very thorough and finely detailed look.

The aluminum ring clearly tells the story of the speaker unit mounted behind it, inside the door. The very fine and controlled hole pattern visualizes the high sound quality and together with the lathed ring, it results in a genuine and finely detailed look. The Bang & Olufsen logo is laser etched onto the aluminum ring.

Valeur Designers