Audi A3

High quality materials and precision machining

The AB3 design was developed as a Premium version of the Advanced systems in AUDI A8, A7 and A6.

The design of the AB3 system carries over the highly detailed aluminum from the Advanced system. The boomerang shaped aluminum-piece “describes” the shape of the woofer grill and integrates the B&O design successfully in the AUDI designed interior. Furthermore the boomerang shape mimics the shape of the Advanced system woofer grills.

The aluminum piece is further enhanced by adding the light guide. This way the aluminum is highlighted and always visible, day and night. The aluminum piece has a precise chamfer and also carries the laser engraved Bang & Olufsen logo.

The plastic parts hold the unique B&O hole pattern. The hole pattern concept is carried over from the Advanced system and adds a dynamic precision look to the grill. One can tell that the hole pattern is designed specifically to each grill in the car, not just a standard “copy-paste” pattern added to the grill.

All this together communicates the high quality materials and precision machining that B&O stands for.

Valeur Designers