Beo 1

Lighten up

When smoking was still popular at social events in the home, lighting the guests’ cigarettes was done with a table lighter. A lighter that had its place on a table. It never disappeared in a pocket, in a drawer or between two pillows in the sofa. It had the size, the looks and the authority to belong on the table. David Lewis wanted the remote control, Beo1 to be just like that.

It should not light cigarettes but lighten up the TV set.

And it should always be easy to find. Beo1 was not intended to be held in the hand while a programme was being watched. When it was not in use, it should be found on the table.

Just a few buttons that can be used blindfolded.

When it was not in use, Beo1 is found on the table.

A functional sculpture on the table.

Valeur Designers