UZ Energy Home Energy Storage System


UZ Energy is a global provider of premium energy storage systems. A young company that dares to dream big about giving every household the freedom to produce, store and enjoy its own clean energy. Their approach is to partner with the brightest minds across sectors and connect all the little pieces that make a big and sustainable impact.

Our own passion for transforming technology into domesticated products with a lasting appeal was an ideal match for UZ Energy.

No matter how many benefits you get from a large appliance, it should still be a pleasant experience to live with. Our response, therefore, was to create a design that you want to welcome home.

The UZ Butterfly is a premium energy storage system for your smart home. A tower filled with advanced technology, still it’s neat and clean on the inside and out. The exterior is made with beautifully crafted glass and anodized aluminum.

With its clean lines and elevated base, the Butterfly becomes an object that doesn’t need to be hidden away in the basement or garage. This gives freedom and flexibility to its placement options and supports the overall objective, that running your home on the good kind of energy should always be a pleasant experience.

Integrated display at the top provides easy operation and relevant feedback

A fully packed stack of batteries and technology made slim and light in appearance

Flexible placement options

The central belt serves as information as well as internal backbone for the hardware

Doesn’t need to be hidden away

Valeur Designers