Johnny 5

The task was to design a compact binocular camera for the home that could pan and tilt and stand on a table, shelf or be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

TP-LINK felt that mounting two cameras in a classic ball-type camera was not ideal and therefore, they asked us to create a new form factor for a binocular PTZ camera.

We wanted to create a product with a balance between an industrial and an emotional look. To make a rational product which a user could connect to.

Inspired by one of the first robot movie stars Johnny 5 from the movie Short Circuit, the result is a camera that looks like a small robot with its’ face clearly indicating in which direction the camera points at. The design bring personality to the camera, not by being cute but with rationality and logic.

Emphasizing the camera lens

House, neck and camera face makes it look like a small robot

The face inspired by the first robot movie star Johnny 5

Speaker holes integrated in the pattern

Two cameras, IR light, speaker holes and LED is all combined into one face

The face clearly indicates which direction the camera points

Solid shaping of the hinge brings the industrial feel to the camera

Valeur Designers