TP-Link TL IP43T


Inspired by a watchman that stands with its binoculars.

This indoor PTZ camera aims for a fine balance between an easy interior integration, and above all, being taken seriously as a surveillance camera. Binocular camera design reflects those characteristics, and is therefore very suitable to be placed in both private spaces, offices and shops.

The familiar binocular shape is a friendly yet logical solution where all of the technical components can face forward and follow the camera movement as required. The right tube houses the camera and a microphone. Whereas on the other side, the left tube houses a strong halo light and centrally placed speaker – which is far more powerful than on any other PTZ camera currently on the market. It is a truly eye-catching camera that delivers promised monitoring purpose.

Panning binoculars mounted on the ceiling

Next level light and sound

The foot with pan and tilt motors and hidden connectors

A capable zoom lens in a recognizable shape

Valeur Designers