When TP-Link entered the smart home, they asked us to design a series of screens in different size that would suit the different need in a smart home. Instead of just designing screens on the wall, we decided to design screens for the wall. Screens with an identity expressing that it was born for the wall.

By highlighting the element that connects the screen to the wall, we could add that characteristic part that changed the perception to a screen made for the wall. Like a vise holding a part with its two jaws, two pieces of aluminum holds the screen on the wall. An intuitive solution that brings the right character to the screen, subtle yet easy recognizable.

The aluminum pieces make the screen hovers slightly out from the wall. Not only for the sake of elegance, but because it makes the screen fit any kind of wall surface while still hiding the installation hole in the wall.

Shown here is the first 10” wall screen. Other sizes that fit to the wall socket modules will follow soon.

A massive piece of aluminum with the logo

Hovering slightly out from the wall

An intuitive shape, subtle yet easily recognizable

The upper jaw with the logo engraved

This is a screen for the wall

Valeur Designers