The door handle is such an essential part of our front door. It is the first touch point when entering our home and it just needs to be right. This is something that traditional door handle design has mastered for centuries.

Smart door locks bring new technology to our homes to ease our life and improve our safety. However, this should not affect the essential values of a door handle, it should still be ergonomically and visually pleasing.

We wanted to create a smart lock that would fit both new and old architecture equally well. Bringing new technology to an old house requires a design that holds the classic quality experience in tactility, materials and visual appearance for it to truly fit in.

The door handle is rounded but with a small edge to it. It also has a good length for better leverage and this combined gives a sense of control and precision for good ergonomics. The fingerprint reader is located at an angle right at the top of the handle for natural and easy use.

The backplate is curved to hide its volume and at the same time match the formfactor of the handle. This all adds up nicely with the display that cuts into the aluminum backplate and angles out at the bottom to meet the handle.

The design has strong references to the classic metal door lockset and the quality feel of the sturdy handle and rotation all adds up to make it feel just as good to operate as a traditional door handle.

Solid appearance with the side walls of metal and plastic

The design has strong references to classic metal door lockset

Fingerprint reader is located where it just feels natural

The backplate is curved and match the form factor of the handle

All details are sturdy and a pleasure to use

The handle is rounded but with a small edge

Silky surface treatment of the aluminum in different colors

The black area with camera, sensors and touch keys are like a face that greets you

Valeur Designers