A dome type camera is usually a product that preferably is not too obvious, something that hides in plain sight. It would need to be robust and durable to withstand any abuse or vandalism, and this robustness should also be reflected in its visual appearance.

We wanted the camera to appear ‘close to the ceiling’ and not hanging intrusively low. Together with TP-LINK engineers we repackaged and developed the hardware to ensure a compact build-height for the camera. To further enhance this low profile, we split the main housing of the camera into two parts by giving half the housing an array of fine ribs. This visually shrinks the height of the camera and additionally hides the speaker grill and mounting details for a clean, minimalistic look.

Overall, we have simplified the dome camera into the essentials. A dome held in place by a ring.

The airgap between house and dome makes the solid construction appear less bulky

The essential of a dome camera

The patterns on the house embed holes for sound and sensors

Camera front with integrated IR light and sensors

Visually reducing the height by the pattern and the camera arms inside the dome

Making the house appear as a slim solid ring to achieve the durable look

Valeur Designers