Not always should an advanced outdoor camera appear visually complex. Our goal with this family of cameras was to make the advanced appear pleasantly simple, so it would fit neatly with its surroundings.

The camera has an intuitively simple look where the upper white body and a lower black body are smoothly connected to each other. The ball shape of the moving camera house blends neatly with the upper gently curved conical hat. Even the bracket is smoothly integrated in the body. All this add up to a calm discrete silhouette.

The front face is recessed inside the camera ball and a marked frame surrounds all elements like camera lens, laser light and even the screen wiper. This keeps the simple look no matter which configuration the camera comes with.

The gently curved surface combines the bracket and the house

All elements are framed into one face

Powerful camera tech in a discrete shape

Camera ball and house blends with each other

A calm discrete silhouette

The screen wiper hides behind the logo when not in use

The wall bracket is smoothly integrated in the body

Valeur Designers