TL IPC642EP Quatro


For this project our objective was to develop a compact outdoor camera that could fit two camera units, one wide angle unit and one zoom unit. Furthermore, it should feature LED light clusters and audio.

The ball camera is a proven solution for great camera articulation; however, it can be challenged when it comes to finding enough internal hardware space.

We played around with the many elements involved, trying to compile an appealing solution. We discovered that by dividing the front facia into 4 elements, one for each feature of the camera, we gained the needed room for hardware and at the same time accomplished a unique and appealing visual appearance.

The camera exposes its technology features while still retaining a coherent and compact form factor.

Like a helmet the upper part holds and protects the camera ball.

The upper part gives maximum clearance to the camera lenses.

A compact camera that highlights its functions.

The cut out in the hat gives clearance and character.

The front facia with the four elements.

Valeur Designers