The Box camera is an icon when it comes to outdoor surveillance, consensus dictates the box shape that originates from older camera technology taking up a lot of space.

Jawline is a fresh take on the classic Box Camera for outdoor public surveillance applications. This design stays true to the iconic Box Camera that holds such a strong visual value. We gave the Jawline camera a new, more dynamic profile by tapering the cabinet in the back, giving room for a more flexible bracket mounting and articulation. This was possible due to the new, more compact camera technology from TP-LINK.

Furthermore, new improved white LED technology for night monitoring was integrated to set the camera apart as a great performer also during dark hours. The design reflects this by its strong visual ‘jawline’ that runs from the LEDs in front, all the way to the back of the cabinet giving an impressive, coherent appearance.

The white top cap is an important part of the classic Box Camera that shields the internal hardware against heat and glare from the sun.

The tapered cabinet adds the visual length to the camera

The lens and the white light

Camera cover caries the logo

New technology brings a twist to the consensus of how a box camera appear

Valeur Designers