The Attention doorbell is an intuitive ‘smart’ doorbell for private home installation. We focused on creating a doorbell with a strong architectural integration and a good balance of technology and domestic appeal.

We strived for visual simplicity by integrating the smart doorbell features in a characteristic ‘exclamation mark’ graphic. Camera, white LED, IR LED and speaker are all placed neatly in one zone for a clean visual impact. The push button for the bell has a backlit bell icon and circumference that is activated by a proximity sensor. This way the bell button is easy to locate even in the dark hours.

The bell housing is straight and controlled to align with the door and façade architecture, however, a few curved surfaces soften up the appearance and invite the user to interact.

With the black exclamation mark attention is drawn to the right place

Black and white graphics unifies the set

Button and camera, button and speaker

Remotely opens the front door

Valeur Designers