Beovision Harmony

Far more than a television. Beovision Harmony is a choreographed performance of imagery, sound and unfolding magic.

Our everyday is filled with mundane routines and familiar sights. So, when something stands out by performing in extraordinary ways, we stop and grant it our full attention.

Beovision Harmony is the culmination of a shared dream by Bang & Olufsen and myself; to design a television with the ability to physically unfold itself in front of its audience. With new innovation in screen technology and a tireless collaboration between our studio and the client’s engineers, the dream finally became reality.

Turned off or just playing music, the screen stays close to the floor, partially covered behind beautifully crafted speaker covers. Now turn it on and watch how a finely choreographed sequence plays out, as the speakers fan out and the screen rises to the perfect viewing height. It is a truly magical experience, but it isn’t just for show. When turned off, the entire object appears much less dominant than standard TV screens of a similar size.

The speaker fronts are made from a playful combination of wood and aluminum in a grading pattern reminiscent of fine cabinetry and intarsia craftsmanship. The contrasting materials make it almost impossible to detect the tiny gaps that allow for the audio to flow unhindered.

A playful combination of wood and aluminum making the surface appear lighter.

Emphasizing the genuine materials and the build quality.

Matching tone of aluminum and wood gives a warm elegant look.

In audio mode with the speakers at the front.

Dark wood lamellas and matching anodized aluminum lamellas.

The transformation is amazing and magic.

Open and delivering the ful video experience.

Shaped so the big speaker volume appears thinner tan it is.

The fabric front is made with a two-tone combination.

A very small food to a 77 inch television.

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