LG Signature Washing Machine

The art of essence

A circular door in a box, the essence of a washing machine. With this design we had one goal in mind: Make an advanced product appear most intuitive by giving it a pure clean shape. It had to be instant understood as a washing machine. One should feel it is easy to operate, yet there is no compromise on what it can do.

High quality with a minimalistic, intuitive and enjoyable user interface was the aim. With an advanced glass door and the completely clean solid box with no disturbing split-lines, indicating furniture like quality, the result is a clean elegant design with innovative elements and a solid expression of quality.

The circular door, as big as possible, is very advanced. For the first time the whole user interface is integrated on the glass door. One circle and a dot is etched on the surface. This is both the most simple user interface possible, yet layers of advanced options appear when you need it, with animated graphics guiding you or giving you the needed information and a poetic feedback when it is washing.

As Master Design Advisor Torsten had been involved in the creation of other LG Signature Home appliances, like refrigerator and air purifier.

The washer has received the 2016 IF Gold Design Award and the IF 2016 Design Award.

The minimalistic yet advanced circular door

Anglet interface for optimum comfort

Twin washer system

Intuitive interface for twin washer

Subtle interface graphics for ease and joy

LG Signature washer received the IF Gold award in 2016

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