LG Signature AC

Advanced products must appear very intuitive and joyful to use

Standing tall and slender with a precise almost architectural shape. A surface made of one solid piece of aluminum that emphasizes the quality. Only one round sphere is visible at the top, a flat turned aluminum disc that adds to the look. A harmonious flat circle that tells the story of what this product do, revealing the essence.

It is a highly advanced AC that has imbedded all the functionalities you need for comforting the air all year around. Cooling, heating, humidifying, dehumidifying and cleaning. All these functionalities are integrated in one single unit that appear simple and intuitive.

Functions are hidden until you need them. Needing the fan, the round surface slides down and the air booster extrudes and turn in the desired direction. Needing to add water, the front panel slides to the side and the water tank pops out. The filters are automatically cleaned. If you need to change any filter, it folds out from the back. All this is to ease the use of it, while bringing in some magic and joy.

Our ambitions were more than making a highly advanced product appear very intuitive and joyful to use. We wanted to give the product a shape that fitted to the architecture of living room, adding to the interior instead of disturbing.

Flush details and solid materials emphasizes the quality.

Stand and wall type share the same design identity

The water tank for the air humidifier function, hidden and revealed.

The circles that adds to the look.

The booster fan directs air in desired directions.

Functions are hidden until you need them, for a flush discrete appearance.

Automatic cleaning process with integrated robot and filter doors.

The wall type airconditioner shares the same core philosophy.

Valeur Designers