LG Homebrew

A finely balanced act of automation and authenticity

LG HomeBrew is the world’s first capsule-based beer maker for the home. A one-of-a-kind machine, where the end result is always sure to be great-tasting.

We set out to create a design that ensures a trouble-free operation, while still giving the user the satisfactory feeling of being his own brew master. So even if the process is automated, we wanted its identity to be less high-tech and closer to the manual process of brewing and serving beer. Intuitive and straight-forward.

The design emphasizes the two tanks in which the two-week brewing process takes place. The tanks are coupled with the unmistakable tray and pouring tap. For a clean appearance fit for your kitchen or home bar, we smoothed out the top with its control handles and pressure seals and integrated a control display in the black center console.

Control handles and pressure seals are flush and clean looking.

The HomeBrew set with capsules, filters and ingredients.

Enjoy making and servingG your own beer.

Loading the capsules are done trouble free.

By emphasizing the two tanks, the tap and the tray we get the identity right.

Valeur Designers