Elica hoods

Bringing awareness to a brand

Elica, an Italian manufacturer of kitchen hoods, contacted us in 1998. At the time they were mostly doing OEM. Elica wanted to build and position their own brand – and acquire innovation capabilities in the process.

We made a catalogue of sketches conceptualizing new ways of making hoods using different ways of extracting air and placing components.

Following a fruitful dialogue, we created a family of distinctive hoods that made quite a buzz when presented to the marketplace. They definitely raised awareness and helped boost the Elica brand. Later works were centred on exploring the possible design variations based on one technical platform.

Expressing the flow of air poetically and understandably while at the same time making designs that fit well into kitchens. This was the aim of our work.

The remote is meant for the kitchen table. With the little footprint standing upright, it is easy to use.

Elica Oxygene

Elica Menhir

Elica Edge

Elica Slope

Elica Wall Carpet

Elica Menhir

Elica Edge

Elica Horizontal Sail

Elica Concave

Elica Futura

Elica Bogart

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