BeoVision Eclipse

When the elements align to form a perfect eclipse, it creates an experience that is even greater than the sum of its part.

BeoVision Eclipse is a luxury TV by Bang & Olufsen combining the world’s best TV sound with the latest and most sophisticated OLED picture technology.

Working on the BeoVision Eclipse was different from any other television designs we have done for Bang & Olufsen in the past. In the initial brief, we were informed that the screen itself would be produced by LG Electronics due to the company’s unrivalled image technology. The audio part is set to deliver the most powerful sound of any TV on the market it would be engineered by Bang & Olufsen.

Our task was to form a design solution that would allow for the incorporation of an alien screen into a unified TV design. A product design that is 100% true to the Bang & Olufsen brand and design tradition.

By repeating the shape of the OLED screen beneath the speaker bar, picture and sound is physically morphing into one. The speaker stretches wide like a storyteller embracing his audience. This decision not only improves the sound experience but also makes the action on the screen appear even wider. Essentially, every element is working together to bring out the best in each other.

As a designer, I care deeply about designing products that make the customer feel truly understood in terms of his needs and desires. The sculpturing part is essential in this context and this is where we get to employ our studio’s strong tradition for transforming bulky hardware into elegant objects.


As one side of the screen is turning out from the wall towards your preferred viewing position, the TV appears to be defying gravity with just the far end of the speaker bar touching the wall.

We made important modifications to the screen element in terms of hiding cables, so the TV can be placed freely in a room and admired from every angle.

A gentle grading hole pattern adds to the horizontal depth with the smallest holes at the top.

Hanging on the wall, the TV is fitted with a motorized wall bracket in the left or right side of the speaker bar. The hinge proved extremely difficult to product, but the countless hours of work paid off in a truly elegant solution.

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