Beovision 12

The cinematic feel

Let us make a television that will capture you completely when you are watching a film but appear incredibly light and elegant when turned off.

BeoVision 12 is all about creating the cinematic experience. Films in cinemas are wider than normal and you are physically surrounded by both picture and sound. The front of BeoVision 12 is framed with black areas on each sides and a narrow black area on the top and below the picture. This makes it more like a letterbox format and draws you deep into that film that you are watching.

To make such a large television appear less intrusive the overall look is kept as light as possible. It appears as two flat surfaces. The outer is black and contains the live picture. The inner is aluminum with its airy and ambient polished surface. The air between the two creates the illusion of two weightless sheets floating in the air.

The hole pattern is correct no matter in which angle you view it from. The precise details give the feel of genuine craftsmanship.

Beovision 12 appears as light as possible in your living room when it is turned off.

On floor stand you can turn and tilt the television.

The hole pattern up close shows the elegant curves.

The air between the two sheets creates the illusion of two weightless sheets floating in the air.

Beovision 12 is a television that captures you completely when watching a film.

The speaker front is also detached to give the impression of lightness. It also gives room for the camera arm that automatically calibrates the screen.

Valeur Designers