BenQ LaptopBar

BenQ LaptopBar

Mobile working should be supported by the best mobile working environment, such as good illumination. This is rarely the case today, therefore BenQ and Valeur Designers decided to make the ideal mobile working lamp. A lamp that delivers the right scale of illumination, besides it is so compact that you could take it anywhere.

The solution became BenQ LaptopBar, you can snap it to any size of laptop with the help of its’ integrated magnets. Two elements, a lamp and a battery with a flexible arm, can be combined in different ways and adjusted so the exact array of illumination, wide or narrow, is provided without any annoying glare. Patented optics ensure optimal desk lighting, of course the light intensity and colour can be adjusted, just by sliding your fingers above the lamp head.

Our aim was to make this versatile LaptopBar appear straightforward practical but also pleasant and joyful. Putting pieces together should never become a puzzle but be intuitively easy and almost playful. The magnets act as a soft snap to put all parts together and the smooth elegant look of the joints provides the user with an uncomplicated and delighted user experience.

Concave optics gives glare free optimal illumination

Choose wide or narrow illumination and snap LaptopBar to your laptop

Battery and battery arm in one smooth shape

Wide illumination

Battery and lamp are also smootly joined in narrow illumination mode

Wide illumination mode

Magnets keeps the parts together even when carried with you

Lamp and arm join smoothly

Joint with pins and magnets

Ready to carry with you

Slide, tap or hover your fingers control all light parameters

Nameplate on battery is part of the solid battery arm hinge

Valeur Designers